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Potential New Members,


My name is Lizzie Murray and I am the Vice President of Membership for Sigma Kappa here at Washington State University.


My experience here at this university is something I wouldn’t change for the world and that is because I joined Sigma Kappa. This sorority has helped me grow as a woman, gain leadership experience, and has brought me to find my best friends. Coming to WSU, I didn’t know very many people, I missed my family, and I just wanted to go back home. After joining Sigma Kappa, all these fears seemed to disappear. I immediately was surrounded by strong, empowered, genuine women who made me feel like myself. Every moment since then, I am so grateful to what Sigma Kappa has given me. I came to college as a nervous, insecure girl, scared to break out of my shell. Sigma Kappa has given me the support system that has caused me to grow into the strong, confident, woman I am today.


My wish for you is that Sigma Kappa becomes your home away from home as it has become mine. I strongly encourage you to apply for primary recruitment where you get to experience Sigma Kappa and the 13 other amazing chapters on campus. 

Go Cougs! Go Greek!

Now that Primary Recruitment is over, we are holding Secondary Recruitment on September 4th, 5th, and 6th! Please contact for more information! 

Lizzie Murray

Vice President of Membership

Alpha Gamma Chapter

Washington State University