Parent FAQ

Why Join Sigma Kappa?

The Alpha Gamma chapter of Sigma Kappa at Washington State is a strong, forward moving chapter that strives to better ourselves and the community around us. We constantly practice our four main values; Personal Growth, Loyalty, Service, and Friendship. Personal Growth encourages members to be the best version of themselves and to constantly develop a better understand of ourselves throughout our collegetic experience. Loyalty promotes help not only within our community but between members to remain connected and supportive of their family, friends and relationships. Service gives members a chance to give back to their community, family and friends. We are committed to our service and helping those in need at all times of the year. Friendship allows members to cultivate lifelong connections to relationships with other intelligent, caring women. These four values are represented within a Sigma Kappa woman and guide her to a positive and healthy life.

Will joining Sigma Kappa take away from my daughter's college education?

At the Alpha Gamma chapter we pride ourselves on our dedication to scholarship. Our in-depth scholarship program provides an additional support system to academics at WSU. We know that the women of our chapter are students first and we make sure to provide a structured system that helps them reach their best academic ability. Our scholarship program holds members accountable but also offers quiet study hours, mentorships, networking within majors and general advice about academics at the University.

What are some opportunities during college that Sigma Kappa provides?

During college the Alpha Gamma chapter provides programs with professionals in our community that speak to us about current topics during our informal chapter meetings. Members are informed on job/internship opportunities plus a vast networking system with our Alumnae that carries on after college. Our chapter is also ranked fifth in the nation for our dedication to our philanthropy, the Alzheimer's Association. This year we were able to raise $40,000 and still aspire to beat that milestone next year. By joining Sigma Kappa your daughter has the opportunity to not only better the community but to also join a sisterhood that works on guiding members to the best version of themselves possible, in college and after.

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